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Shihancho was a founding member of the Australian  Kyokushin Karate Association in 1975 and was an office bearer from that time on until he resigned in 2017.

After Sosai passed away he, and the other Branch Chiefs of the AKKA (Hanshi John Taylor and Shihan Tony Bowden), joined the I.K.O. Matsushima Kyokushinkaikan. This organisation is headed by Kancho Yoshikazu Matsushima, 9th Dan.

In November 2017 Shihancho resigned from the AKKA but is still an active Branch Chief of the I.K.O. Matsushima group. 

In Victoria his Branch is known as the VKKA (Victorian Kyokushin Karate Association) and in Tasmania the KKT (Kyokushin Karate Tasmania. The Adelaide dojo (Sempai Dri Lyell-Kaaho) joined Shihancho at the start of 2019. 

Shihancho is a very proud member of I.K.O. Matsushima Kyokushinkakan, Japan

He, and other Branch Chiefs, have an umbrella organisation named Matsushima Kyokushin Australia.

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