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Victorian Kyokushin Karate Association Incorporated

The VKKA was formed at a meeting between Gary Viccars, Brian Ellison and Laurie Lee in 1975.

Gary was elected Chairman, as position he has held until this day (except for a year or so when he was Treasurer).

The VKKA is an incorporated body in Victoria and has been holding tournaments since 1977. In fact, the VKKA was the first organisation to ever hold a Victorian Championship event. 

The VKKA consists of a number of dojo in Victoria (please refer to the Dojo List) and its main aim is the development and improvement of its members physically, mentally and morally.

To that end the VKKA holds several tournaments each year for no contact, knockdown and kata.

It also holds both a junior and senior training camp as well as several day seminars. In this way all members have access to training with very high ranking instructors. Shihancho also takes advanced training on Wednesday nights.

The VKKA aims to develop the spirit and physical culture of its members and to ensure that all instructors are qualified and competent.

The development of the individual (regardless of age or sex) and the improvement in character, teaching the spirit of "keep trying and never give up" and respect for your elders, peers, other students and yourself  are the cornerstones of the philosophy of the VKKA.

This philosophy is based on respect. Respect for the dojo, respect for your teacher and respect for all things. The ultimate aim of the training of the VKKA lies in the perfection of character.

The "DO" Way

To master technique we must pursue discipline and hard work; we must force the body to accept the rules, to endure the pain of exhaustion and constant practice until the body learns to know what it must do; freeing the mind of the trivialities of combat.

The rules of the VKKA are: Dedication, Hard Work, Constant Practice.  When you have achieved all of the above you will have learned that the World has no need of violence, that the karate-ka walks in peace and that Karate is used only as a means of self defense and a way to achieve peace.

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