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This is a guide only, current requirements will be updated later.


Covid Requirements for Portland Open Border Challenger, Portland Secondary College, 9 July 2022

We ask that all competitors and officials be aware that this is an issue to be addressed.


It is a Victorian Government requirement that all competitors, spectators and officials are fully vaccinated to attend the tournament.

Fully vaccinated means someone who:

  • has received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, or

  • has a valid medical exemption, or

  • is under the age of 12 and two months.

Vaccination requirements apply to everyone aged over 12 years and two months, unless you have a valid medical exemption from an authorised medical practitioner.

IT IS IMPORTANT that ALL spectators be seated. No one should be standing around the ring/s except for 1 coach.

Knockdown fighters must wear a mask when entering from the warm up area to the mat. They then remove the mask before stepping onto the mat.


All non contact competitors will receive a personal participation certificate. They must go to the designated area to receive it.


Passouts: Competitors and spectators will be stamped.


The VKKA will have a Covid Compliance team at the event and their instructions must be followed immediately and without question.


QR code. This will be on site and must be scanned it by spectators. Competitors do not need to do this as they have their special ticket.


March On. Due to social distancing requirements we will not be doing a march on.


Spectator Masks. ALL spectators, officials, helpers and staff are expected to adhere to social distancing requirements and to wear a mask if they cannot do that.


Live Streaming: we are hopeful that the event will be live streamed, more details soon.

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